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The City of Tacoma was without a Black Baptist church in 1890, which prompted Hezekiah Rice to seek assistance from First Baptist Church.

The church was established and named, Mission Olivet Baptist Church, organized by Rev. Francis Davidson and others. The Mission was located at First and “C” Street, which is now Fawcett Avenue.

On January 8, 1904, a name change was filed with the Secretary of State in Olympia, which was legally named the mission, Bethlehem Baptist Church, on June 24, 1918.


(What is the desired END or What is the future believed to be)


Bethlehem Baptist Church will be a Love Centered and Unified Body demonstrating God ordained gifts of all people through creative service, discipleship, community outreach, authentic praise, and worship with a well-defined multimedia team sharing the Gospel both locally and globally.


(What steps will be taken to achieve the Vision)

We will in all aspects of ministry strive to REACH the non-believers, CONNECT them with disciples who will help them to GROW in love, ACT in faith, DISCOVER their gift/s and HONOR the “Body of Christ” according to the foundation of God’s WORD.

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